On the Go: Dreams of Hot Dogs


If this dream was partially real, I think AK would be in heaven.

The dream I had this morning started with me in Detroit, I think I was leaving the Masonic.  And I wanted to get some food. I ended up with some strange guy who was going to this place called Bert’s just down the street. Bert’s was apparently some kind of hidden Detroit Gem that sold all kinds of hot dogs.

So we get there, he tells me what he’s getting, it sounds great so I order the same. He pays with a card, and casually asks the guy behind the counter when the last time the place was raided by the cops. The guy responds that it’s been a while.  I’m like, okay…  So I hand my card to the lady, and I turn around and the guy I was with is sneaking out a side door…

So, I’m eating.. really good hot dogs… but I’m still waiting for this lady to come back with my debit card. And the wouldn’t you know it, SWAT team comes flying in all around. 

The place is so good, that known criminals will risk eating there. 

I’m standing there. People are getting arrested. It’s a pretty calm situation for the most part. And I still need my debit card.  After waiting a while, and seeing that the police want nothing to do with me, I start slowly making my way to the office to try and find the lady who took my card.

But I can’t find anyone or anything. I’m following even telephone wires looking for the card reader. 

Long story short, I eventually find her, she leads me to my card, and tells me her life story.  The end. 

Now I’m hungry…


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