Dancing, Drinking & Derby

What a weekend! So full from the time I got off work til my head finally hit the pillow last night.

Shortly after I got home on Friday, Tig O’Hitties and I headed up to Clubhouse BFD for some beers and eats before getting ready for the night. That night we were guests at the Metro Times Best of Detroit Party at the Motor City Casino.

The Metro Times is a weeIMG_20130520_214502kly newspaper that polls Metro-Detroiters annually on the best places, people, foods, drinks… you name it.  This year, DDG’s Tiny Ninja was voted Best Local Amateur Athlete.  And “the local roller derby scene” was voted the Best Overlooked Story.

Tiggy and I met up with more of our league mates at the casino. We tried all of the food samples; from pizza to macaroons, sushi to toastadas. There were free drinks and plenty of dancing.

Saturday I spent the morning with Vera Toss.  We ate brunch at Social in Birmingham (I would add a link, but despite the food being good, it was way over priced for what I got. Sad face.) Then we did some shopping, before I eventually headed home and got ready for the bout.

The Grand Prix Madonnas were taking on the Detroit Pistoffs for the Season 8 Championships.  The GPMs pulled out a big lead during the first 30 minutes. Halftime was just what the Pistoffs needed to rally in the second half and even take the lead briefly.  In the end, it was the Grand Prix Madonnas taking home Olive with a 163-114 win over the Pistoffs.

After many sweaty hugs and handshakes it was off to the Woodward Avenue Brewers to celebrate a great season. There were plenty of beers, shanaigans, flirting, and an all around good time. Plans for the summer we made, and new friends were made, and I even got hit on by a girl! And yes, I giggled like a schoolgirl after.

I need to take more pictures of the people in my life and not the food.

I need to take more pictures of the people in my life and not the food.

Sunday morning it was back to my favorite brunch spot at Dino’s.  Sunday morning bunch with my stat army (& more!) is becoming one of my absolute favorite things to do, and I look forward to it. The food is great, the bottomless mimosas and bloody marys are great, and not to mention, some of the best company ever!

Later, Mike and I joined his family for dinner to celebrate his father’s birthday.  I finally got the chance to meet his dad’s new girlfriend as well as laugh with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.

It was a really good weekend.  And the one coming up is starting to look just as great.  Paul is coming up from Florida. I have pudding shots and jello shots to make.  Mike is going to do some grilling. The whole weekend is sure to be full of good food, drinks and company.

Share your Memorial Day weekend plans below! I’d love to hear all the great things people have lined up.


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