Derby Road Trip: The Must Haves

Once again it’s roller derby road trip season.

Come summer, leagues across the country host tournaments and extravaganzas, workshops and clinics. And why not? Summer is the best time to knock out a few sanctioned bouts so you can work your way up the rankings before championships. Not to mention, after parties are way better on patios and in pools.

In just over a month, I will be making my way to Milwaukee with my fellow official friends for the 2013 Midwest Brew Ha Ha.  Like last year, Circuit, Wishbone and I will be taking the train.  Unlike last year we will be joined by new friends and not Undie, Sam and Frak.

My ticket is bought, the hotel is booked.

And at the end of June, I will be heading to Philadelphia for the WFTDA Officiating Clinic followed by the East Coast Derby Extravaganza (ECDX).  This will be a new adventure for me as I have not been to Philly before.  And it will also be the longest car ride so far. For now it seems I have a few people I will be driving down with, and for at least two nights I may be cramming into a hotel room. Plans are still likely to change.

My question now is this, what items are crucial to bring on derby road trips?

Here is a list that I have come up with so far

Derby Road Trip Essentials

  • Skates & Gear (if you need those things)
  • Whistles and Stripes (If you’re the stripped kind)
  • Clipboards, pencils, stop watches, whistles and fancy pink polos (if you’re the strong & quiet type)
  • A bathing suit (most hotels have pools)
  • Ear plugs (most roommates snore)
  • Beverages of your choosing (either to hydrate or socialize with)
  • A spare handcuff key (I think that explains itself)
  • Your own pillows and blankets (you never really know where you’ll be sleeping)
  • Snacks (admit it, you eat junk cause you can)
  • Cash (for buying all the things!)
  • Stamps (its much easier to send postcards that way)
  • Phone Charger (and a phone usually)
  • Cards Against Humanities (Hey its fun alright?)
  • Emergen-C (Stop the spread of the Derbonic Plague)
  • Tums or other Antacids (from all the junk you’ve consumed)
  • Toothbrush, shampoo, condoms and other toiletries (keep it clean people)
  • A backpack or other bag (for carrying extra cloths and all the things you’re going to buy)
  • All of your coolest league wear (represent!)
Derby Gear

Just a few of the things I will need (and not need) to pack

I am sure I am missing things, but these seem to be all I can think of.  So what else do you bring? Share them here or on Facebook and I will add them to the list.

Note items on the list are in no particular order and are not sorted by importance. This list is meant to be just as humorous as it is helpful.  Please remember to always be safe and responsible.


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