Dreams of Vegas

One of my leaguemates is getting married in Vegas soon. I know a few of her teammates are heading out to spend the special day with her and tear it up Vegas style, so this must be the subconscious thought that leaked into my dreams last night.

I dreamt that quite a few of my league had travelled to Vegas for the wedding. There were so many of us that a local team offered to set up a track at the hotel and let us scrimmage.  It was a really awesome, relaxed atmosphere allowing us to come and go throughout the day.

I remember finishing up a scrimmage and meeting up with Mayor and his friend Pete to go explore the casino floor. We were looking for a good place too eat. 

When we got back to the track, they were just getting started with another scrimmage, and just like at Wednesday practices, I wrangled up all of my NSO friends and we got all the positions covered the best we could.

All these thoughts of Vegas and Roller Derby are making me wonder if I should be considering RollerCon as a destination this summer…


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