Derby! U 2.0

This past Saturday I was once again up earlier than I would like to be on a weekend, and trying to eat some awesome power breakfast.  I woke up a half hour later than I wanted to, and ate a yogurt. But I had Derby! U to attend with the Detroit Derby Girls!

I headed down to the Masonic Temple where this time, rather than feeling meek and anxious and sitting with my fellow NSOs, this time I walked in and wandered over to a group of skaters that I am happy to call my friends.

I was tired. And so were they. I was wondering how my legs were going to hold up after 2 nights of workouts with Kracken. But we were all looking forward to the day ahead.

After a run around the drill hall with Cookie Rumble, we got into some agility with some quick feet jumps, and we all got our hearts pumping.  I do have to admit this was easier than it had been for me the year before.  I can be thankful to Kracken for starting each of our sessions with the agility latter.

After some stretching lead by Genniferal we were divided by our skill level (derby girls from other leagues, and I have never done this before) and we went over stance and some hitting.

Then it was time to put on our derby gear and hit the track. I was in the less-skilled group.  I can stay up for the most part, but I still have trouble with proper stance, stops and cross-overs.

We did some eggshells, which I am pretty good at. And the Polly Shuffle, which is like alternating eggshells. I was doing pretty good at those too. We started working on some stops, I can plow stop a little bit, and it took quite a few attempts to T-stop without fearing a faceplant.  I think as I work on my balance and leg strength these will come easier.

Then we moved on to single and double knee drops.  I can do alright with my right leg, but I am nervous for my left.  I only got to do one set of double knee drops before I tried to turn around while standing still and managed to lose my balance.  My foot spun around and I heard an awful pop. Of course the first thought in my head was don’t be broken.

I was moving it, thought it was pretty tender.  Midnight brought me some ice, and we eventually moved off to the side.  It was pretty good timing, as it was about lunch time and that’s when I was going to be heading out.  And now I am that girl at Derby! U…

I kept my ankle raised, and with some ice on it for a bit, then packed up and drove home.  That drive home wasn’t the funnest, being that it’s my right ankle. One I got home, I elevated it, took some ibuprofen, and iced it.  Mike helped me wrap it up later.

I felt really bad though, that I wasn’t going to make it out to Lansing to score keep.  I figured I could at least do that, but driving myself out there wasn’t going to be easy. It’s close to an hour and a half drive from my house.

I contacted Frak, LDV’s Head NSO, as soon as I realized I shouldn’t be doing much.  Hopefully it was early enough for him to find a replacement.

And so here I sit. Working on some derby projects. Keeping my leg raised and iced. I am hoping I didn’t do too much damage and that I can be up and moving again soon. I am not a wuss, but I know its not going to get better if I rush it.  le sigh.


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