April Showers…

It’s been a busy April so far, and it looks like it’s going to keep that pace for a while.

At least I am able to sit here in my living room with the windows open, listening to the birds and wildlife outside. Spring is in the air… for the time being any way.

Since the beginning of the month, I have been working 48 hour weeks picking up some overtime on a special project.  In order to not spend these lovely afternoons stuck at work, I have been going in at 6am and staying till 4:30 most nights. So far the project has been slow, and behind schedule. Hopefully it will last just long enough for me to enjoy the extra money without sacrificing my sanity.

The extra money is coming in handy right now.  Just this past Friday, I found out that I was accepted, along with Circuit Broad and Mayor, to officiate at the 2013 Midwest Brewhaha tournament.

Last year, a group of us all took the train to Milwaukee and officiated at the tournament, for many of us, it was our first derby road trip, and our first tournament. It was definitely an experience that I will remember for a lifetime, not to mention the trip that would spawn my love for derby road trips.

Yesterday, my friend Wishbone Breaker from Lansing, booked our hotel room. And today with many back and forth decisions, I finally decided to again take the train.  How often do you get to ride a train anyway?

So it’s been a pretty good couple of weeks. I can’t really complain about anything. Kind of makes you wonder if the energy you put out in the world really does influence the events in your life. A few weeks ago I got one of those letters that said I was named in a class action lawsuit and could be entitled to a settlement. I never expected anything. But sure enough I got a check today, and it was for more than I would have expected.

I am still working out with Kracken 2 times a week and doing my homework on my own.  I feel stronger, and I love the way I feel after.  I haven’t started seeing much of the results that I want just yet, but I am trying new things and working it out.

And speaking of working it out, I’ll be attending the Detroit Derby Girls Derby! U this upcoming Saturday at the Masonic Temple. It’s an all day event designed to give interested women an introduction to roller derby. Basic skating skills, hitting drills, and information about the league are provided by some of DDG’s best skaters and trainers.

I took this course last year when it was a two-day event.  I wrote about it on my old blog, DDG Derby! U.  That blog post remains one of the more frequently accessed posts I have ever written. I am hoping that this time, I will be a little more prepared, and maybe this time I’ll learn stops and cross-overs.

And if that isn’t action enough for Saturday, I will also be heading out to Lansing to NSO their double header against South Bend. I haven’t been out to Lansing yet this season and I am looking forward to seeing them and working with them.

All of these events and more are all posted on my Events page.  Be sure to keep checking back to see what other interesting things I am involved in.  Hopefully this busy month will lead to a more relaxing and fun summer.

edit 4/18/13: corrected link to Lansing homepage.


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