Detroit Adventure Day!

The other week I was looking at my calender at work and realizing that I didn’t have any days scheduled off until June.  Knowing I have some overtime coming up, I knew I had to get out of work and just have some fun.

Last Wednesday, Belle Isle Hurtya and I decided to spend the day exploring Detroit.  I’ve lived in Metro-Detroit all of my life, but to be honest, there is much of it I haven’t seen.  I didn’t really start visiting the city until I was an adult.  Belle was a fantastic guide and travel companion.


Belle & I at the Science Center

We cruised Woodward to downtown where we hit up our first destination, the Michigan Science Center. Neither Belle or I had been there since it reopened.  To be honest, it didn’t seem like they have done much to it over the years.  It’s the same old exhibits with the same old broken interactive stations. Yes, I am aware it is a kids museum, but every time I am there, it just seems like a bunch of kids running around. They never seem to be actually learning anything.  Like Belle said, the only way the kids would learn anything is if they took the time to read, but they never do, they just move on to the next noise maker, movable part.

After the Science Center, Belle and I were ready to try our first restaurant. We headed over to Corktown to try out the highly recommended Mudgie’s. A deli that features locally grown food, and meats roasted in house, Mudgie’s has a large selection of unique and delicious sandwiches, salads and soups along with Michigan brewed beers and wines. Belle opted to build her own sandwich, while I chose the Sho’Nuf from the menu. The wait was a little long, but we each enjoyed a beer from Short’s Brewing Company and caught up on all the latest news & gossip.  The sandwiches were totally worth it. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a lunch spot in Detroit.

We decided to add a new stop to our day, and take a tip from SmakPak and check out the Detroit Historical Museum. Free to the public, the Historical Museum seems to be the museum that Detroit forgot.  Where the Science Center was full of kids, this place was empty.  Belle and I actually found it to be pretty interesting. Checking out various artifacts from various eras in Detroit’s history accompanied by entertaining and informative videos was a real treat on our Detroit Adventure Day.

Hitsville USA

Hitsville USA

From there we headed over to the Motown Museum, Hitsville USA. I have always been a fan of Motown music, I am a bit of a history geek, and I am a bit star-struck by celebrity. This was my favorite place we visited all day.  For $10, you get a guided tour of the home that was once owned by Berry Gordy, and later turned into the studio where legend’s like Smokey Robinson, The Jackson 5, Diana Ross and the Supremes, and so many more recorded hit after hit. The highlight of the tour coming at the end where we all clapped our hands and sang The Temptations hit “My Girl” in the very studio it was recorded almost 50 years earlier.

By this time, we were starting to get hungry again, and so we decided to cruise past The Heidelberg Project while on our way to Green Dot Stables.  I am not sure if it was just the time of year, or if I missed what all the hype was about, but Heidelberg resembled more of the projects than an art show. Green Dot Stables, however was everything I heard it to be. We each got a slider, I opted for the Cheeseburger, with a bottle of Stroh’s and the le poutine. Belle got the grilled cheese, a fancy cocktail and the black truffle and herb fries.  All of it was tasty! And our waitress hit it right on the spot with a recommendation of the S’more slider for dessert.

And that was the end to our Detroit Adventure Day. I hope to do it again sometime, and I hope to be able to see more of that great forgotten city. Feel free to leave your recommendations below in the comments.


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