New and Improved!

Ta Da! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the newly designed Zombies & Robots: A Love Story.

As many of you have probably already figured out, back in January I moved from Blogger to WordPress. I even bought my own domain;  It was a huge step in making myself more committed to writing. I have had a few “Oh dear god what have I done” moments, but introducing the new site to you has been an extremely satisfying and joyous occasion.

Above you will see my new banner designed for me by my dear friend Tig O’Hitties.  I contacted Tig after she began designing Facebook banners and other graphics for the Detroit Derby Girls Facebook page.  And I have to say, she was more than awesome to work with, and she handled my very silly sketches very well and was able to produce for me something straight out of my mind.

One thing that I have learned from Roller Derby is that if you ever need anything, someone in the league has it or does it, or knows some one that does.  Lawyers, doctors, (super awesome) graphic designers, chemical engineers, mediators, librarians, (extremely handsome) FedEx package handlers, heating and cooling specialists. Roller Derby has them all.

One of my favorite stories I tell people is about when Mike and I first bought our home. We needed to have A/C installed and a friend of ours gave us a name of someone that has always provided a good deal. We called and called and this chick never seemed to have the time for us. Then my friend mentions that she’s been laid up for a bit with a broken leg. How’d she break that leg? Derby. I use my smart phone to look up her contact info in Facebook, find out what team she plays for and strike up a conversation… One thing leads to the next and she’s got her guys out to our house the next week.  And I made a new friend.

For those of you interested in working with Tig O’Hitties on your own projects, you can email her at  Although Tig has been working under her government name for a number of years, she has only recently began freelancing for roller derby leagues and friends. Educated at Detroit’s own College for Creative Studies, Tig has a keen understanding of what the customer wants, and is detail-focused. She comes highly recommend by myself and as one friend has stated “[That banner] is awesweet! … That is awesome & sweet together. Or, awesomely sweet.” (Thanks Doug!)

Keep checking back as I add new features to the blog.  And while you’re here, be sure to visit my other pages up top… Read my About Me, View my Instagram feed, check out Events I’ll be at, and wander off into the great unknown with links on my Items of Internet Interest.


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