On the Go: Dreams of Hank

I dream about Henry Rollins all the time. And no, not in a sexy way or even romantic. But in a wow, what a cool guy kind of way.

Last night’s dream had me waking up to the over abundance of snow (wonder where that came from, lol). I had gone outside to shovel out my car, when I noticed all of the neighbors gathering and helping one another. One of those neighbors being Hank. 

So after my initial awe at seeing Hank clearing snow, I joined in, with the punk rock blasting (even at 6am as I noted) and we continued to dig out the neighborhood.

Later, I decided I needed to find Hank’s house. And like a scene described by the ever enthusiastic Henry, I broke in. And he found me. And there was much explaining to do.

Thankfully, I was saved by a group of neighborhood housewives that showed up and invited themselves in. They somehow convinced him to make tacos and we had an awkward, but lovely time. 


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