Updates and Whatnot

No big news to share this week.  Just some updates.

Life has been a lot easier since the sinus surgery. I sleep better, breathe better, and can taste and smell things again. Doc says everything seems to be healing up nicely. And Mikey said I haven’t been snoring.

On the work front, there has been some moving around and I my responsibilities will be changing up a bit.  Could be the change I have been looking for.  It’s still working in Cash, but will be doing a bit more analyzing now, rather than just data entry. And I get to move cubes!

As some of you may have seen on my Instagram. I look a little more derby than usual thanks to being my usual klutzy self. I have a huge dark bruise on my knee from dancing down a dark hallway and tripping over my dog.  I am just thankful I didn’t do much more than that. Back in 2010, Ian and I were at Comerica Park seeing the Eminem and Jay-Z Home and Home tour when I took a tumble up some stairs and bruised a tendon in my knee. I woke up the next morning to a grapefruit rather than a knee cap and had to have electric shock treatment.

Friday the Detroit Derby Girls Allstars played in a closed bout against the Brewcity Bruisers All Stars. I had a great time working with a stellar officiating crew as always. Detroit took an early lead over Brewcity and never gave it back. Final score 295-154. After that we headed down to the Woodward Avenue Brewers for the launch of their newest beer, a collaboration with DDG, Bout Stout. I am not much of a stout drinker, but I have to say adding a bit of vanilla ice cream sure did make it taste good!

It was another crazy night in Ferndale with quite a few of us heading back to Hi-Death’s home.  Do I dare mention waking up to the best eggs ever? I’ve only been talking about them for days. Ha! Again, I cannot believe the friends that I have made in derby and this past weekend was a great example of that.

Sunday, I got to hang out with Ian for a bit, it feels like its been forever since we did anything.  And then it was back to Ferndale again for ice cream at Treat Dreams with more derby folks. A sweet ending to a sweet weekend.

Today was surprisingly awesome with a spontaneous lunch date with Tig O’Hitties.  You’ll be hearing more about our collaboration in the next few weeks.

I think that’s about all the news I have for you so far. Up this weekend is a trip to Manistee that I hope will be just as exciting to write about as it is to experience. Thanks for reading!



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