Star Wars Bout!

The blog you have all been waiting for…

DA da dadada DA! Dadada DA da da da da…

Ok, so I can’t sing… That’s a known fact. But what I can do is tell you just how amazing this bout was!

The anticipation for this bout had been growing for months.  Even at Christmas I was plotting what I would wear to a bout in February, but it was very important that I had it planned out a head of time.  As you may remember from my previous post, my aunt loaned to me a Chewbacca costume for the night.  It fit well enough, but when I brought it to practice and tried to NSO while wearing it. Nope. Wasn’t going to happen. But a really good friend of mine, and organizer of this whole night, Sam-I-Slam was able to wear it and she was a big hit.

Though not as big of a hit as the actual Star Wars characters! We had actors from the Great Lakes Garrison 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion in the house for a parade, photo ops and more. So many of the skaters, staff and officials were in costume for the night and we had a blast getting our pictures taken with everyone.

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To see more photos from the bout visit:

Getting to the Masonic Temple and seeing everyone all dressed up was one thing, but let me tell you, one of the coolest moments was when I was walking up the ramp from the locker rooms into the hall and I could hear that classic breathing Darth Vader noise and I just assumed that Terror Ettes was standing behind me and playing with her sound fx enhanced masked. Nope! I turned around to find 6 Storm Troopers and the man Vader himself.  They just seemed so big in real life and it wasn’t even the first time I had to be photographed with them.  I met a few Storm Troopers at a Weird Al concert recently too!

We were having so much fun before the bout that many of us could have kept on playing rather than get the bout started.  But we owed the fans a game and so we convinced a Jedi to blow the first whistle and get things going. The D-Funk AllStars took on the Grand Prix Madonnas. After a very hard fought game it was the GPM’s that took home the win with a score of 180 over 127.

Not only was it awesome to have all of the Star Wars characters in the house, we also had a special guest announcer, Dumptruck. You may know him better as the raspy voice of roller derby, as he was voted ‘announcer of the year’ in 2010 and 2011 by Derby News Network. He is also a really cool guy! I had the pleasure of talking with him both the Friday before the bout and at the after party Saturday. There were other derby shenanigans I can assure you, but let’s just keep that the nice alcohol induced blur that we have come to appreciate.

Oh, and you know what? This very special night couldn’t have been any better, I had quite a few guests in the temple as well. A big shout out to my friends Gabby, Trevor, Jacob & crew, as well as Earl (and his friends), and Iggy & Jessica!  Thank you all for coming out, and I hope you had just as much fun as I did. And I hope to see you at many more bouts!

Just a reminder, this bout was also SOLD OUT! So if you want to get tickets to the next one on March 2nd, you better do so soon!



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