Bonus! A Look Back at 2012

It’s that time of year again to reflect back on the year and look forward into the unknown new year ahead.  WARNING! Lots of photo’s and links cause I just had to end the year with a bang!

Here’s a brief rundown of my year:

MMDG Bout in Jan

January started out pretty derby heavy as I started traveling to nearby leagues to help NSO.  It was a good learning experience and just what I needed to start feeling more confident in my knowledge and skills.

February put me on my very own skates and I got my but kicked at Derby! U. Not to mention I was horribly out of shape and still am!  It’s pretty sad to add that I still don’t know how to do cross-overs or stop effectively. Maybe I will try again this spring.

March brought an early spring and some new and exciting adventures! I registered for the WFTDA Officials Clinic in Toronto, was accepted to officiate Brewhaha in Milwaukee, and discovered a new local bar, Clubhouse BFD which became an instant favorite.  I also got to meet an idol of mine, Henry Rollins!

Officials Meeting before Brewhaha

April was apparently not as fun, based on Facebook status updates I spent most of April sick or tired. Must be allergy season! I did get to take in a Piston’s Game with Ian and I believe they lost.

May was a countdown to Brewhaha and getting pumped for my high school’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Oh and an impromptu trip downtown with my sister to see Mayer Hawthorne.

June. BREWHAHA FINALLY! My first trip out of state with people that I was not related to! So much fun was had, so many new friends made! This was also the conclusion of my first home season with the Detroit Derby Girls. Ian and I went to my new favorite venue, the Crofoot and saw Mickey Avalon and The Millionaires.

Backstage Crew of JCS

July had the privilege of hosting not only my engagement but my marriage to the bestest derby husband ever, an amazing Rollies where I won Staff Rookie of the Year, and the construction, performance, and conclusion of Jesus Christ Superstar.  As a present to my sister for her graduation, I took her downtown to see Fiona Apple.  There were also a lot of rocky days in July that prompted some new life changes. Can’t take the good without the bad.

A Sam Adams at Cheers

August started out in Boston with my sister visiting my aunts. A trip to Toronto for the WFTDA Officiating Clinic was soon after and I finished out the month in Lincoln, Nebraska! I couldn’t ask for a better month for self discovery!  And I also got my awesome first tattoo from Inky Gash!

September saw one last trip as I headed across Canada to Niagara Falls for the WFTDA North Central Regional Championships. And if that wasn’t derby enough, it also started off DDG’s 8th season with the Fresh Meat Faceoff!

NC Regional Champs

October brought my 30th year on this planet and big life changes. This was also a time of reflection as I worked my 2nd Mitten Kitten tournament and remembered how far I have come.

November the start of my new blog! and the start of the busy season; derby, friends, family and food!

December is still fresh in my mind. Well at least the memories not whipped out by alcohol!  There were shenanigans, and Mike and I’s 16th Anniversary, and the Karaoke Kristmas Looking back on a great year and looking ahead to what I hope is an even better one! 


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