…And A Partridge in A Pear Tree

After a little break I am back.

It’s been a busy holiday season that isn’t quite over for me yet, but the brunt of it is done.

Each year Mike and I have multiple gatherings to attend, and by multiple I mean 5 family gatherings, a few work parties, and a Christmas Eve birthday party for a friend.  Not to mention the extras that we get invited to as well.  Our calendar usually ends up pretty full, and it usually causes Mike to whine a bit cause all he wants to do is go upstate and avoid it all.  Thankfully, he was laid off this December and he was able to work going up state in between most of our obligations.


I enjoy it all for the most part, and of course there are some get-togethers that I enjoy more than others.  This year I was able to attend a Karaoke Kristmas that was hosted by the DDG’s Devils Night Dames. I had an absolute blast!  I think Mike’s favorite so far was the neighbor’s party, where he got to eat some awesome Polish food and try the venison neck roast he’s been donating the past few years.  Though I would bet we would both put our friend’s birthday party at the top of the list, especially since I kept winning at Shut the BoxAnd who’s going to forget the year I came home from my aunts with a wookie costume*?

We have one more family get-together in a few weeks, this time its a Merry Canadian Christmas. I was the only one who suggested smuggling the Maple Flavored Crown Royal back into that country as that stuff is downright awful but no one got the joke. I was trying to return it, get it?  But anyway, that will be the end of Christmas for us, well, except for the tree that’s still up, and the lights outside.

I hope everyone reading had a delightful holiday season as well.  Feel free to share the number of events you had to attend in the comments, I would love to hear that I am not the only crazy one.  If I count every function, I am at a total of 11 just for me.

*Oh, hey there footnote! The costume is for the upcoming Detroit Derby Girls bout on February 2nd.  The 501st Legion will be attending and making it an official Star Wars event!  

Edit (01/01/13): I found out over the weekend that I won 2nd place in the Karaoke contest! I am still amazed! I love my DD Girls & Guys!


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