Starting & Finishing Projects

My mother’s family has always been all about peace, love, and rock ‘n’ roll.  And it’s no surprise that many, many years ago, my Aunt Ronnie made light up peace signs for a few of her siblings to hang on the house at Christmas.  My mother’s was silver and blue and I always loved the way it looked hanging on our porch each year.  Unfortunately, in the divorce my father got all of the holiday decorations, and that peace sign made its way down to Tennessee in the back of his little Ford sedan. I always said I was going to make myself a new one.  And the idea would always come to me in the middle of December when the key item I needed was a hula hoop. Try finding a hula hoop in December. My youngest sister happened to pick me up a hoop earlier this year and when I was digging around in my own decorations, I came across some lighted garland that I wasn’t using any more.  And the project actually came together!

Not only did I manage to get that done on Saturday, I also started and nearly completed my Christmas Shopping. I know right? 3rd of December and I am almost done!  I did most of my shopping on Amazon and picked up a few things on my other favorite site, ThinkGeek.  I have been receiving email after email that my packages have been shipped and I can’t wait to start getting everything in the mail. Mike and I still need to go out and get our Christmas tree, but I did get some decorations up inside the house and the lights up outside.  I actually bought some additional lights this year and did more than my front porch.  Which means, come January 1st when I try to take them down it will be 40° below.  I even listened to a little Christmas music while I cooked and shopped online. Oh! I’ll turn it on again now! I haven’t really been in the Christmas mood much in past years so I might as well embrace this while I have it.

Those were two projects started, and nearly finished.  The one I have started and won’t be done with for a long time, is much more involved.  Operation Get This Body Ready To Host My Clone will go into full effect January 1.  But I am getting a bit of an early start now to try and rid myself of some bad habits.  For one, I really need to stop drinking so much soda.  And I am trying to bring my lunches more often than not, which will not only be healthier, but it will also save some money.  And I need to be consistent in working out.  For this first Monday in December I am not doing too bad.  According to my Lose It! app I am under my calorie allowance for the day and I worked out on my Wii Fit for 40 minuets, then played around Wii Resort for another 45.  It’s not much but those little round-headed people can really get your heart rate going.  So there’s that.  I don’t want to be skinny, it would be nice, my first concern is being healthy to grow a little person.  No, Mikey and I aren’t trying right now, but in the future we will be.  I want to be able to give that little person the best welcome into this world I can. So any words of encouragement you can throw my direction are always welcome!

 Well, I feel I shared a bit there. Nice to get a little personal every now and again. Now back to the silliness.  

So yea, all of this and more has been on my brain lately and I am hoping this weekend gives me a little time off from all of the thinking.  Looking forward to a little partying and some derby. Hope to see you all there!


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