Giving My Liver A Workout and Other Stories

There were so many things going on last week I couldn’t even find the time to write.  My apologies up front for this being a long one!

Tuesday night I met up with my best friend Gabby and went to downtown Royal Oak.  We had dinner at Little Tree that included a bottle of Kirin Ichiban, which was my first Japanese beer.  I have to say that I liked it a lot.  After dinner we walked over to the Main Art Theater for the Mitten Movie Project’s Zombie Night.  The MMP is a monthly film festival dedicated to screening independent short films. This month’s theme was Zombie’s and included Kill Me Again by Set Jester.   Over the summer, Gabby had volunteered her time as a zombie extra for the film.  Though it wasn’t the first time I was seeing it, it was still great to watch all of the other films leading up to it.  My personal favorite was a film called Smush! by FroBro films and a close third was 72 Hour Zombie by Daniel Duane Productions. The audience voted on their favorite short at the end of the night and the winner goes on to compete with the previous months winners in December.  By a mere 2 votes, Smush! beat Kill Me AgainIt wasn’t me, I still voted for Kill Me Again!

Wednesday night was filled with anticipation as well!  I had found out over the weekend that there would be two opportunities to take the new NSO Certification Test before the new rules come out in Jan, the only issue was that we had to take it before November 15th! Quickly, I contacted our Skater Rep who arranged for any NSOs or Refs to take the test that Wednesday during practice.  The test was so new, it was really hard to study for.  There were 8 or so of us from DDG and the nearby Lansing Derby Vixens who took the test, but unfortunately, none of us did that great.  But, we all now have a good idea of what is on the test and what to study for next time, and since we got it in before the 15th, we can all take it again in a month! Even though I am disappointed I failed, I am still happy I took the chance.  I will be more prepared the next time. 

After getting home late Wednesday, I decided to spend Thursday at work powering through as much work as I could.  Friday was available to take as a vacation day, but with the holiday coming up, I didn’t want to be too overwhelmed on Monday.  I accomplished my goal, and  got the heck out there looking forward to my upcoming 3-day weekend.  By the time I got home that afternoon, Paul had all of his stuff packed and was ready to head down to Florida.  Well, not after grabbing one (or four) last drinks that is.  Just another reason I was grateful for having Friday off!

Friday started off with lunch with Gabby followed by some shopping for a skirt for my new Season 8 boutfit.  We were really successful in finding exactly what I wanted in a size that fit perfectly.  Little did I know, comfort was going to be a much bigger necessity!  Later, Gabby helped me make a taco dip to take over to the Circuit Stomper’s house.  We had a pre-season potluck and watched Army of Darkness.  There was lots of good food, many great laughs and I couldn’t ask for a better crew!

Mayor & I in our new boutfits

Speaking of my crew… The Stat Army of Darkness knocked one out of the park on Saturday!  The season opener of the Detroit Derby Girls featured a rematch between the Grand Prix Madonnas and the Detroit Pistoffs.  The GPM’s took home the official win, but I still think the real winners were that amazing crew of officials.  Well ok, the fans totally won too with great derby, little to no interruptions (only one really tiny OTO), new merchandise, and fantastic beer specials! I mean you couldn’t ask for a better night in Detroit.  Ok, so I am a little partial… I love my sport, my team, my city!

And that was just the start of the night!  Later it was a great after party at Mercury Burger Bar, that was outside, but warmed with a great fire, many drinks and friends. Later, a few of us grabbed one last drink at the Anchor Bar before grabbing conies at the famous Lafayette Coney.  Many more laughs were shared by all!  And, since I have never done a real side-by-side comparison, Rev and I had stop next door at American.  I am sure we all have our own opinions on the matter, but I still think Lafayette is the best Coney in town! We met back up with a few more friends and before you knew it we were all drifting off to sleep to the soothing sounds of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.  ZzzzZzzzzZzzzzz…

And if I couldn’t possibly squeeze anymore into my weekend, Sunday was spent helping Mikey turn his venison into homemade brats and sausages.  I know it probably doesn’t sound like much fun, but its good quality time spent with by boy.  And after we had that all cleaned up and put away, we played a round of Ticket to Ride.  Speaking of which, I can hear him in the kitchen right now cooking up a storm.  He hasn’t yet asked for my help, but I should probably get in there and see if I can do anything thing.  I’ll be having my fair share in the kitchen later this week as well with Thanksgiving Thursday. I know! I can’t believe it’s here already either!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I’m sure you’ll hear from me again soon as I will probably have things I am thankful for to share… Like the big Exit 69 Reunion this Saturday!  I’ll be there and you should be too!


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