We freeze for vanity: Stat Army of Darkness!

The Detroit Derby Girls staff of officials, normally known as the Stat Army, is going with an Evil Dead theme this season and calling ourselves the Stat Army of Darkness.  Last night we got our group photo taken for the website and program. I rushed to practice early so I could meet up with Hi-Death, our Announcer/Manager/Photographer.  He volunteered to take our photos this year.  We headed out to a near by park, set up some lights, and took some test shots.  Later the rest of the gang showed up and we had a blast razzing each other and getting the perfect shot.  Oh and did I mention it was freezing out?  Ok, maybe not quite freezing, but it’s November, it was dark, and we were outdoors. But the Circuit Stompers brought hot chocolate for everyone and we all warmed up at the rink.

Practice followed and like always it was another great time hanging out with all of the best people.  And I really do mean the best.  From my derby husband, Mayor McSmartass who will take me out and buy me a beer or a milkshake when I’ve had a bad day, to my travel companions, Circuit Broad and Under TakeHer. Hell, all of the Stat Army holds a special place in my heart.  We’re nerdy, we love roller derby, we laugh, joke and cry together.  They are family to me.  And it doesn’t just stop there.  The NSO’s and Referees from around the country are all friendly, outgoing, hospitable, and an absolute joy to be with.

Since joining the Detroit Derby Girls and the Stat Army in the summer of 2011, I have made hundreds of new friends (literally), I have traveled to Milwaukee, Lincoln, Toronto & Niagara Falls to watch derby as well as officiate it. I have laughed, danced, drank, cried, sang, and shared in some of the most amazing conversation.  There were trips by train, plane and car. Hotel pools and hotel bars. PBR’s and Jamison. But none of that compares to the new friendships and bonds I have made with so many amazing people.

Over the summer I walked into a tattoo shop while dropping off a skater friend for a fundraiser.  One of our NSO’s was losing her house due to some financial struggles, a skater of ours and a really good friend of the NSO is a tattoo artist who offered to run a special on small tattoos for cheap all day.  I hadn’t intended on getting a tattoo, but it had always been an idea in the back of my mind.  When I walked in and saw so many of my roller derby family offering up their flesh to help, I knew it was now or never.  I waited over 5 hours to be tattooed by my friend Inky Gash.  And with that I offered up my wrist, and with my family, I braved my first tattoo of a small robot.  That fundraiser raised over $2500 dollars, and our friend was able to save her home.  This tiny robot on my left wrist will forever be a reminder of just how awesome my roller derby family is.  I know that I can forever count on them to hold my hand or have my back.


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